Group of Companies  20-year Printing Experience

Prime Print conglomerate deals with the production of newspaper and other printing products in different regions of Russia. On this website you will be able to find information about Prime Print activity, the history and prospects of group work in Russia, as well as to become acquainted with information about particular printing houses, including a range of equipment and output selection, produced by each printing house.


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Prime Print Moscow

It’s a modern printing house, specialized in full-color printing of newspapers of traditional formats as well as magazine format newspapers. The printing house Prime Print Moscow specializes in full-color newspaper production of traditional formats as well as newspapers of magazine type. The printing house is a confident leader in this segment of Moscow, the Moscow region and nearby regions’ markets. Advanced technologies, high-performance equipment, skilled staff as well as the constant printing house development and improvement allow us to achieve the best results.


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Today we offer Publishers a wide range of printing products and services:

  • High quality black & white and full-color printing;
  • The widest variety of formats, volumes and colors of Editions;
  • The working cycle of maximum speed;
  • Magazine printing with stitching and coated cover;
  • Commercial and information materials inserts;
  • Single copy packing;
  • Three-knife trimmer to the needed format;
  • Promotional-informational stickers application;
  • Circulation sorting and delivery;
  • Free expert advice and customer service;
  • Specialists on-site visits to the customers;
  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Reliability at all stages with no exception;
  • Round-the-clock service of production;
  • Secured area of the company Constant development of the company


Moscow Voronezh Ekateinburg N.Novgorod Chelyabinsk
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Printing on light coated paper да нет да нет нет
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Stickers on the first page да нет нет нет нет
Single Copy Packing да нет нет нет нет
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